I wasn’t in Maui in 2016 for the last mud-fest, so I did not have those memories with me when I lined up to race. Everyone knew it was going to be a long day on the course, and that there was going to be hiking involved, and each had to decide how they were going to personally get the best of themselves on that day - really no different from the approach to any race.

Many athletes I know need to be told to take an off season, do some different things, not feel the need to ‘train’ every day, and let the body and mind get fresh and excited for the next season. Not me, and definitely not this year – I was more than ready for winter. I wasn’t physically tired, or injured or sore – my body was holding up just fine, but the spark to train and race had gone.

I just got back from Prescott, AZ where I finally got to be a part of the Whiskey 50 event in Prescott, Arizona.  I'd heard about this event a few years ago and finally put it on  my schedule this year.  I will also be racing their other events in Grand Junction in May, and also here almost on my doorstep in Carson City in June.